“All that is valuable in human society depends on the opportunity for development”
– Albert Einstein


Productive enterprises don’t need to be convinced of the value of execution. While vital, implementation in the social sphere is inherently non-linear – more like gardening than engineering. And ramifications often extend well beyond the worksite. Agile works with clients on a case-by- case basis to deliver projects and to develop systems for adaptive management.

Project Interventions
Experienced interdisciplinary teams employ proven methods and innovative techniques to create receptivity and promote assimilation on the part of local communities of new practices and technologies.
Partnership Building
Broadly networked and highly skilled at recruiting partners able to contribute to community development – governments, universities, civil society and social enterprise organizations – Agile extends the scope and bolsters the legitimacy of clients’ projects.
Local Content / Economic Development
Through training and support for enterprise development, interdisciplinary teams grow productive linkages with the local economy, while promoting economic diversification and the creation of sustainable communities that do not depend exclusively on the local industry.
Grievance Mechanisms

Subject experts provide strategic guidance and site-level support for the scoping, design, and creation of formal, trusted for the voicing and acknowledgement of community concerns.

Monitoring & Adaptive Management

Experienced field personnel perform social audits and put in place systems of self-monitoring to allow clients to track and iteratively respond to issues and developments throughout the life-cycle of the project.


From regulatory reporting and internal documentation to strategic campaigns in print and modern media, Agile supports clients across the full range of their communications needs.