“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”
– Benjamin Franklin


Success or failure in large-scale industry today depends on social no less than technical or financial factors. Social impact reporting is widely required for regulatory approval and – independently of any formal requirement – companies must establish and maintain a social license to operate. Whether they are compliance- or policy-driven, Agile has the experience and capabilities to address your social performance needs.

Stakeholder Identification & Network Analysis

Combining desktop research and respectful engagement, Agile teams identify stakeholders and map the informal networks that determine influence.

Social Baseline Studies

Trained demographers carry out research and surveys to profile communities in ethnic, political, gender, socio-economic, health, and other respects.

Community Needs Assessments

Veteran anthropologists use participatory methods to impel communities to reflect on and prioritize their needs – an essential step in identifying opportunities for strategic

Social Impact Assessments

Interdisciplinary teams employ quantitative and qualitative methods to identify potential impacts, explore mitigation strategies, and develop social management plans.

Social Risk Analysis

Expert field personnel, trained in understanding local cultural complexities, identify concerns and issues – including those internal to the company – before they materialize as problems.

Indigenous Consultation

Anthropologically trained advisors work with indigenous peoples – in diverse contexts – towards informed consultation, including capacity-building pre-consultation where required.