“Plan for the difficult whilst it is easy. Act on the large while it’s minute.
The most difficult things in the world begin with things that are easy.”
– Laozi


In the field of social performance, planning is more than a desktop activity. It is a discursive, iterative process that requires self-examination and engagement with local communities. Agile works with clients and local communities to create and put in place policies and site-level programs to reduce the adverse impacts and increase the ancillary benefits of projects on affected communities.

Stakeholder Engagement Plan

With an in-depth understanding of the field, Agile develops a communications strategy and tailored course of action aimed at achieving respectful dialogue with relevant third parties in situationally sensitive and actor-appropriate ways.

Community Action Plans

A community visioning process systematizes local wants and needs, reducing them to a coherent set of concrete objectives that form the basis of a community-led development plan.

Strategic Social Investment Plan

Increasing alignment between the corporate sustainability vision and the perceptions and needs of the community enhances social benefit and ensures that social investment is optimally targeted at the elimination of operational risk.

Mitigation & Local Content Planning

Agile facilitates the communication process implicit in the mitigation hierarchy and engages proactively with communities to promote employment and procurement opportunities.

Community Health Plan

Experts in public health, Agile helps clients anticipate and put in place measures to respond to the health challenges that often come with complex social change.

Cultural Heritage Management Plan

Agile provides guidance and develops operational policies for clients to mitigate impacts on both tangible and intangible cultural heritage.